Zach Berry

Designer & Developer

Creating a custom node.js module with the Revealing Module pattern

So you want to utilize the revealing module pattern in a custom node.js module? It's not hard but it wasn't immediately obvious to me, so here's how you do it.

Every node.js module is just a simple javascript file that contains a special exports variable. That exports variable is what gets exposed to the class that requires your module.

For example, take a custom module mymodule.js:

exports.animal = 'kitties';

Here's how you'd use it:

var myModule = require('./mymodule.js');

console.log(myModule.animal); // prints 'kitties'
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Tracking 3D Objects in 2D with three.js

I've been playing with the fantastic three.js library lately, and for a project I needed a way to determine where an object in 3D space was on the page in 2D. I've gotten something working after reading through articles, documentation and commentary on three.js' github issues page.

In the example below I have a div (the red circle) that's being absolutely positioned on top of where I've determined the sphere to be.

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