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Well, it’s been a 5 year hiatus. Where is this blog going?

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Code This, Not That (Javascript and JQuery Edition)

Here are the slides for a talk I gave for yesterday’s Tech Time Conference titled “Code This, Not That: Javascript and JQuery Edition”. These slides don’t completely stand alone, however the event was recorded so soon I can post the video. I’d also like to elaborate this talk to a blog post of it’s own, but until then you can check out the slides.

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Creating a custom node.js module with the Revealing Module pattern

So you want to utilize the revealing module pattern in a custom node.js module? It’s not hard but it wasn’t immediately obvious to me, so here’s how you do it.

Every node.js module is just a simple javascript file that contains a special exports variable. That exports variable is what gets exposed to the class that requires your module.

For example, take a custom module mymodule.js:

exports.animal = 'kitties';

Here’s how you’d use it:

var myModule = require('./mymodule.js');

console.log(myModule.animal); // prints 'kitties'
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